Insomnia and Depression Study

People Who Have Insomnia & Are Depressed Aged 18-65 Needed for Our Study

Are You Depressed? Are You Having Trouble Sleeping? You may qualify for our study. Call 954-919-7802.

Symptoms include trouble sleeping or up all night, difficulty staying asleep, feeling depressed, crying or overly sad, and lack of concentration. Compensation is available for qualified participants.

Dr. David J. Seiden, Board Certified Sleep Specialist at Research Centers of America, is conducting a research study of an investigational drug for Major Depressive Disorder and Insomnia. If you are between the ages of 18-65 and depressed and have trouble sleeping, contact us to see if you qualify.

To learn more about our Sleep Study, please text “relief” to 84444 or call:

(954) 919-7802

or fill out the form below:

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