PBMC Laboratory Services

Research Centers of America (RCA) Laboratories are capable of isolating, cryopreserving and shipping peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) for clinical trials.  PBMCs are isolated from human blood by density centrifugation. They are a critical component of the immune system and include NK-, B-, T-cells and monocytes.

As cells of the immune system, PBMCs are crucial for vaccine development and clinical trials.  Isolation of PBMCs from the blood collected from enrolled clinical trial subjects is critical to improving treatments for Type 1 Diabetes, Allergy and Asthma, Autoimmune Disease, and Cancer, just to name a few.  Consistent high quality in processing, storing, and transporting PBMC samples from participants in clinical trials is vital to identifying biomarkers for therapy response.

PBMCs are processed by certified technicians following our standard operating procedures in less than four hours from blood sample receipt.  The samples are stored in temperature-controlled freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks until transportation to the analysis site.  RCA Laboratories can process a high volume of sample outside regular business hours if required by the study protocol.

RCA’s PBMC processing and cryopreservation is validated quarterly by the Duke Human Vaccine Institute for use in immunological assays.