PK and Safety Laboratory Services

Research Centers of America has certified and highly trained technicians who collect and process clinical trial specimens under the direction of a full-time lab manager.  Study-specific processing logs, requisition forms, and shipping manifests are created and maintained throughout the trial.  Standard Operating Procedures and in-house quality control measures are utilized to ensure the proper handling of specimens and that adequate documentation is upheld throughout the clinical study.

Our lab offers complete urinalysis, routine serum and plasma separations, drug safety tests, urine pregnancy testing, blood smear preparations, PBMC isolation, and PK sample processing.  RCA can ship ambient, refrigerated, and frozen samples daily, and has regularly scheduled dry ice deliveries.  We have the capacity for high volume storage under various conditions: room temperature, refrigerated, frozen (-20⁰C or -80⁰C), and at extremely low temperatures (liquid nitrogen).  These temperatures are monitored through an alarm system that sends notifications at any time to minimize excursions.

  • SIV attendance for study specific sample management training
  • Lab manual and shipping schedule review prior to study start
  • IATA certification for all laboratory staff
  • QC cross-check of samples before collection and against manifest prior to shipment
  • Creation of requisition forms, tube labels, and laboratory kits if needed