The Endocrinology/Nutrition Division of Research Centers of America specializes in both pharmaceutical and nutrition-related research.


We have participated in numerous endocrine and metabolic trials and our experienced team and large database ensure rapid and high-quality enrollment.  Our full-time quality assurance team, rigorous standard operating procedures and experienced staff of registered dieticians and study coordinators consistently provide quality results.     With over 20 years of experience, our staff has had the privilege of seeing many trial medications get approved as a viable option for patients and published papers in nationally recognized journals.  The physicians and affiliated staff have a large practice including an in-house laboratory, DEXA machine, ultrasound, and an infusion suite.

Our comprehensive nutraceutical program includes: protocol design, subject recruitment and study execution, full statistical analysis, a final study report, and substantiation consulting.  We ensure regulatory compliance by adhering to IRB guidelines. When needed, we offer full CRO services for nutritional studies.  Our nutraceutical studies have provided safety and efficacy data, validated uses for dietary supplements, and strengthened Intellectual Portfolios (patent holdings) for various sponsors.


RCA’s experience includes conducting trials in:

  • Diabetes (Type I and II)
  • Device Studies
  • Low Testosterone
  • Exercise Performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Obesity
  • Body Composition