As we adapt to these Covid-19 pandemic, we have established a strong response to allow us to continue to perform clinical trials safely and with the same high quality you have come to expect from our elite team at Research Centers of America, now part of CenExel Clinical Research. We are pleased to announce the implementation of an aggressive policy regarding COVID 19 testing which we believe minimizes health risks to study subjects, staff, and maintains the validity of your data.

All CenExel Centers of Excellence are following current CDC infection control guidelines for screening both employees and study subjects in order to ensure that all necessary precautions are in place to protect the safety of our staff and subjects. As a CenExel Center of Excellence, RCA has moved aggressively to implement these policies.

The following are some of the specific steps we have taken to ensure the safety of our staff and patients:

  • Limit virus spread to our facility
    • Telephone screen all subjects prior to their visit. All subjects will be asked all appropriate screening questions prior to confirming their visit. (Subjects who answer yes to any of the below will not be allowed to come into the office. They will be referred to their health care provider for further evaluation and treatment
      • Have you been in contact with a PCR/antigen test confirmed infected person?
      • Have you been experiencing symptoms pertaining to the pandemic disease?
      • Have you tested positive for any pandemic PCR/antigen testing?
      • Take temperature – does Employee/Visitor/Staff have a fever?
    • All individuals entering the facility, including staff, will be asked the same questions above in a separate screening area.
      • If upon entering site, all screening questions are passed we will:
        • Take their temperatures to check for fever (≥100.4F).
        • Have them wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
        • Provide them with a mask prior to entering the facility.
    • All subjects will be brought into the clinic and placed in a separate patient room once they pass all screening requirements above.

      **Individuals with elevated temperatures will not be allowed into our facility. **

      ** Individuals who refuse to wear a mask will not be allowed into our facility. ** 

    • We only allow 3-5 individuals in our waiting room at a time to comply with social distancing recommendations (at least 6 ft apart)
    • Scheduling subjects throughout the day to ensure that we do not have high traffic of subjects at any time.
    • We have restricted visitor access to our facility. All essential visitors will be required to undergo the above screening guidelines.
  • Isolate symptomatic patients as soon as possible.
    • If any of our subjects become symptomatic in our inpatient unit, we will put them in isolation in our quarantine designated area.
      • These patients will be isolated, evaluated by an investigator and asked to follow up with their Health Care Provider.
  • Protect healthcare personnel.
    • Screen all health care personnel daily.
    • Require frequent hand hygiene.
    • Require use of appropriate personal protective equipment.
    • Require and enforce social/physical distancing (at least 6 ft apart).