Research Centers of America is committed to the integrity and quality of clinical investigations ensuring a high caliber of care and accurate results for medical advancement.


An independently-owned and operated research company, RCA specializes in conducting CNS trials for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We are committed to delivering solid science and apply strict adherence to GCP/ICH, as well as training in FDA Code of Federal Regulations. Committed to the integrity and quality of our work, RCA delivers accurate results and aim to exceed our goals in medical advancement.


Clinical trials are a necessary component in developing new medicine. Research teams investigate new drugs to test their effectiveness. Trials on new drugs can only begin once they are deemed safe and effective for people to use.

There are eligibility requirements for those interested in participating in clinical studies. These requirements can vary, depending on the patient's medical condition, age or even gender. Once qualifying, a study coordinator will meet with participants and explain the study, including its risks and benefits.

Patients must be fully-informed and completely understand the schedule of treatment, any procedures, potential positive or negative effects, before they can participate in the study. A volunteer may decide at any time to withdraw from the study, completing exit interviews to confirm a safe exit from the study.

It is a weighted decision to participate in these studies. Our staff is prepared to give any assistance necessary for patients to make informed decisions regarding their health. By participating in a clinical trial, patients are contributing to the advancements of new therapeutic areas of medicine. Our staff remains dedicated to ensuring the best patient care in all of RCA's clinical research.

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Peter Ventre, MD

  • Principal Investigator
  • Founder, Research Centers of America
  • Founder, Ventre Medical Associates
  • Board Certified in Psychiatry & Neurology

Dr. Ventre has built a strong reputation over the years within the research community as being a diligent and insightful investigator. With experience in more than 50 clinical trials, he ensures excellent patient care and thorough involvement in the research process.

Dr Ventre's experiences as a young hospital volunteer helped root his values in patient care, and inspired an admirable career. Dr. Ventre began his studies at the University of Puerto Rico, earning a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology and Science. He continued his medical studies at San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Caguas, Puerto Rico, and ultimately earned his Doctorate of Medicine at Universidad Iberoamericana, Santo Domingo. He completed his residencies at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Cabrini Medical Center for Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, and finished at the University of Florida Psychiatry Program.

In addition to being the principal investigator at RCA, Dr. Ventre is owner of a thriving group practice, Ventre Medical Associates (VMA), adjacent to the RCA offices. Encompassing a wide variety of diagnoses from this practice, Dr. Ventre treats patients with psychiatric disorders in pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics.

Lisa Nguyen, Psy. D

  • Sub-Investigator
  • Chief of Operations

Dr. Lisa Mai Nguyen is a highly experienced sub-investigator at Research Centers of America. Decorated with certifications by every major rater training company and CNS rating scales, she is responsible for negotiating, coordinating, and conducting all aspects of clinical research trials.

Dr. Nguyen received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Jacksonville University and completed her Masters of Science and Doctorate of Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Since then, Dr. Nguyen has accumulated a decade of relevant, clinical experience. A certified specialist with both adults and children, Dr. Nguyen has covered a broad spectrum of psychological disorders in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

From teaching and mentoring, therapist, rater, investigator and now chief of operations, Dr. Nguyen's career has provided a positive impact to the success of the RCA team.

Nelson Cordero, MD

  • Sub-Investigator

Dr. Michael Piercey brings decades of knowledge to the RCA team. As a sub-investigator at RCA, Dr. Piercey is committed to delivering expert assessments and quality patient care.

After receiving his Medical Degree from Yale University, Dr. Piercey engaged in a successful career. From several years as a private practice, to numerous medical director positions, Dr. Piercey has been a leader in the field of psychiatric medicine. During his years as a clinical and medical director, he helped grow a 40 bed facility to a three-hospital network with 400 beds.

Dr. Piercey's broad scope of work and distinctive record provide valuable insight to our staff.

Sandeep Mendiratta, MD

  • Sub-Investigator
  • Board Certified in Psychiatry & Neurology

Earning his medical degrees from Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine/Kent State University, Dr. Mendiratta completed his residency at the University of Florida Psychiatric program. He has been practicing in the South Florida area for several years, specializing in pediatric, adolescent and adult Psychiatry as well as Neuropsychiatry.

During this time Dr. Mendiratta has significantly contributed valuable research in a number of disorders including schizophrenia, ADHD, substance abuse and depression. He remains dedicated to the advancement of clinical research and delivering excellent patient care.

Ernesto Grenier, MD

  • Sub-Investigator

Earning his medical degree from the University of Havana School of Medicine, Dr. Grenier has led a notable career. Co-authoring several medical publications in a range of specialties, Dr. Grenier asserts the highest quality of care to each of his patients.

Affiliated with many South Florida hospitals and numerous ALFs/SNFs, Dr. Grenier is known for his comprehensive approach to his work. His enthusiasm for his research is laudable, and a model of good practice.

Ashley Ventre

Ashley Ventre, MHC

  • Executive Director of Ventre Medical Associates and Research Centers of America

Amanda Meneses, Psy. D




RCA outpatient and inpatient sites specialize in Phase I-IV clinical trials in various ages ranging from adult, geriatric, child and adolescent groups.


With recruitment and advertising capabilities, our database allows us to reach over 15,000 patients. Affiliated with 2 PHP programs and 15 ALFs/SNFs, RCA has a relationship with every major medical center and psychiatric hospital in the area. Additionally, We receive extensive referrals from VMA (Ventre Medical Associates), further increasing our database to reach new potential patients.



Patient Guidelines for Inpatient Trials

If you have been considering participation in one of our inpatient studies, we encourage all potential volunteers to fully inform themselves of the entire process before making any important decisions regarding their health. If you decide to participate, you will receive specific instructions on what you will need for your stay at our inpatient facility.

Our Inpatient Facility

Fort Lauderdale Hospital (FLH), is a freestanding psychiatric hospital, accredited by the State of Florida, Broward County, and The Joint Commission. With admitting privileges to the hospital, RCA works closely with the staff to provide a safe and nurturing environment for patients. RCA completes daily rounds at this fully-equipped facility, utilizing research-only beds and separate offices for research staff. Ongoing didactics, trainings, and supports are provided to FLH staff and administrators in regards to current protocols being conducted in the facility.


Patient Guidelines for Outpatient Trials

Research Centers of America is committed to providing potential volunteers access to the information they need to fully inform themselves of the research process before making any decisions regarding their health. Those who decide to participate will receive specific instructions on what is required to participate in the study.

Our Outpatient Facility

Our outpatient facility provides comprehensive care programs, completely equipped with private exam areas, and any necessary technology to support the clinical studies. Our knowledgeable staff maintains a high caliber of patient care, and aims to exceed expectations.